Anna Homler, Steven Warwick, DeForrest Brown, Jr. and Visual Artists in Conversation

Printed Matter Bookstore

6:00 PM

Visual artists and musicians Anna Homler ( Los Angeles) & Steven Warwick (Berlin) will be joined in conversation by writer DeForrest Brown, Jr. about their respective practices and also how they came together to work on the Breadwoman project.


Breadwoman is a project borne of myth, mystery and shadow play in eighties Los Angeles. The character embodies US vocalist and performance artist Anna Homler‘s practice of divining speech, lyrical fragments, and melody for music, with the fluid synthetic excursions of Steven Warwick aka Heatsick as her modern-day accomplice.

Originally recorded in 1985, The album Breadwoman & Other Tales found Homler in musical dialogue with electro-acoustic composer and LA avant-garde contemporary Steve Moshier, on a set of otherworldly spirituals delivered in an invented language by Homler over Moshier’s rich and strange production.
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Location: Printed Matter Bookstore
231 11th Ave, New York, New York 10001

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Printed Matter Bookstore