July 3 – Center For The Arts

Center For The Arts

7:00 PM

Collectively known as JAB, this trio of dedicated and diligent musical explorers collaborate to create wonders!

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Sunday, July 3 at 7 PM – 9 PM

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
2225 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90041

Emily Hay – flute and voice
Steuart Liebig – bass guitar

Anna Homler – voice, sounds
Jeff Schwartz – bass
Breeze Smith – drums

Admission $10
(students, seniors, and past series performers half price)

One of the most unique, accomplished, and enduring artists gracing the creative music scene in Los Angeles over the past decades is flutist and vocalist Emily Hay. A veteran of many significant groups and collaborations in both structured and freely improvised musical contexts, Hay is a virtuoso on the flute and a fearlessly spontaneous, inventive, and distinctive vocalist; all in which she chooses to involve herself becomes saturated with her identifiably special talent. For this concert she is paired with one of her most frequently engaged longtime collaborators, virtuoso bass guitarist Steuart Liebig, himself one of the L.A. creative music scene’s most vital, virtuosic, and dedicated veterans and a musical MVP in virtually any and every setting he finds himself. While each is more than capable of inventing and fascinating on his/her respective instruments alone, both also adeptly and musically incorporate an array of electronic processing into their musical vocabularies, allowing them to further extend and expand the sonic possibilities of their chemically harmonious improvisational adventures. Always satisfying.

Opening the evening is a group of three of the L.A. area’s other most stalwart creative music practitioners, vocalist-soundmaker Anna Homler, bassist Jeff Schwartz, and drummer-percussionist Breeze Smith, collectively known as JAB. Anyone familiar with this trio of dedicated and diligent musical explorers individually knows what to expect when they collaborate: wonders! Also purveyors of the spontaneous and sonically adventurous, and also appropriately electing to enhance their audio palette with electronic alterations, the three seasoned artists combine to create a panorama of vibrant, evocative, challenging, and delightful musical soundscapes–uncompromising, sure, but also engaging and fun!

(Text Alex Cline)

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