AnnaHatVocal Workshop with Anna Homler

“The body is the landscape, breath is the vehicle, imagination is the guide.”

This is a process-oriented workshop in which breath, imagery and movement are used to explore the subtle aspects of sound. Participants, working alone, with partners, and in groups will investigate different ways of using sound, and are encouraged to access their own interior languages or “native tongues”. The workshop includes floor work and micro-movements, and ends in call and response chants. No previous voice or performance experience is necessary.

This workshop can be adapted for work with children. Contact me for more information.

AH_LargeIMageWorkshopsThe Sound Kitchen with Anna Homler

“Find an ocean full of creatures in your breath. Find an orchestra in your kitchen.”

An experiential workshop exploring the musical properties of everyday objects, and the various kinds and qualities of sound. Through simple vocal exercises — participatory and improvised songs — awareness of the sounds within, as well as in the environment, is increased.

This workshop is both fun and empowering. Find out more