“America seems to be rife with female experimental vocalists, yet of them all, ANNA HOMLER is one of the more original.”


“HOMLER is…making words musical and music like words.”
—New York Times


“ANNA HOMLER has the aura of a woman from places as exotic as the
languages of her incantations and as haunting as her melodies.”
— High Performance


“…a singer who can take the audience by the hand and lead them along the weird path between atmospherics and surreal humor… A witch with a few home-brewed spells and a ray gun.”
— Resonance


“HOMLER seems to sing in the forgotten dialect from some past life or some past world… disconcertingly bewitching”
— Cadence


“You will fall for the amazing power and charm of her voice.”


“HOMLER is a ‘linguistic alchemist.’ She sings in made-up languages that enable her to create remarkably expressive and exotic clusters of phonetics… The result is a beautiful combination of ‘non-words’ that are woven into
surprisingly familiar and meaningful pieces of music.”
— File 13 “Pick of the Issue”


“The work is transportive, mesmerizing, witty, sexy and intelligent. It has the power to transform the kitsch artifacts and consumer culture into something ethereal, surreal and beautiful.”
—Performance Magazine


“Variously quaint and cutting, charming and provocative, and utterly musical and engaging.”
— Option


“ANNA HOMLER sings pop versions of cave paintings.”
—WFMU Catalog