About Anna
Exploring alternative means of communication and the poetics of ordinary things. Read More  
Sound Kitchen
Experiential workshop exploring the musical properties of everyday objects.
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On-going installation project that explores the transformative power of sound and images.
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AH_NewlowerImages-DreamersCrossingDreamer’s Crossing
Four eclectic improvisers crossed meridians to meet in the heart of Europe: Jaroslav Kořán, Fabio Turchetti, Anna Homler, and Michael Delia
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AH_NewlowerImages-HomlerAbout Anna
“She sings in madeup languages that enable her to create remarkably expressive and exotic clusters of phonetics … The result is a beautiful combination of ‘non-words’ … “
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Photo: Thomas Weiss
AH_NewlowerImages_bluewhaleSelected Installations & Performances
Using music, spoken word, performance and installation, Anna Homler creates sonic environments where different realities collide. She likes to explore the hidden lives and symbolic meanings of everyday things.
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