2 hr interview & song show 
The Voidwave on Dublab RADIO – Wed 1/31 at 10 am PST

This Voidwave episode includes a wondrous conversation with the performance artist and experimental vocalist Anna Homler, who shared a few hours with Katya and Kim, drinking coffee, eating, laughing, and sharing stories of her performance work, life, and lifelong friendships. This episode intermixes an informal conversation with sound works and music that are vocalizations of her interests on a practical level, as well as a metaphysical one. Anna is a treasure living on a magical plane, and It was a pleasure for us all to connect, and to share with you this moment of language, curiosity, dreams, films, conversations with the dead, and many other improbabilities we dive into. — Kim + Katya + Melissa + Liz (the whole crew)